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Advanced First Aid - HLTAID006

Advanced First Aid - HLTAID006

Advanced first aid is the course for people that are employed in a more high risk workplace or are deemed to require more in depth training for their industry or other qualification.

So what is advanced first aid all about?

This particular course has been altered over the years. Once upon a time it contained an oxygen component and delved into the use of analgesic gases (depending on your location in Australia) and included the use of airway adjuncts. It also made sure that you had a basic understanding of first aid by having a pre requisite of apply first aid.

So if all those components have been changed, what makes this advanced first aid I hear you ask.

Advanced first aid now contains all the components that you would complete in Provide first aid and expands on them a little further. It also makes sure that spinal immobilisation is covered sufficiently utilising the Australia Resuscitation Council guideline 9.1.6 as its basis, so you will get to use a spineboard, cervical collars and apply immobilisation techniques for suspected spinal injuries. The new HLTAID006 course adds to the amount of scenarios that you must complete and has triage knowledge within its content. You will also learn about basic childbirth and use our childbirth manikin to assist in the delivery of a brand new bouncing baby manikin! The course reflects on dealing with the aged and children in a first aid situation and ensures that you are conversant with workplace procedures and documentation.

We have also added advanced resuscitation techniques to our course to ensure that students get more value from their training time. You will receive 2 certificates when you successfully complete our course. Provide Advanced Resuscitation Techniques HLTAID007 adds to CPR and defibrillation by including oxygen administration. It has basic airway management using an oropharyngeal airway, which you will get to place in an airway manikin and also get to demonstrate competency in various scenarios using different oxygen masks and equipment like a bag valve mask and use of suction equipment.

At Emergency First Aid we do require that you have an existing first aid qualification of Provide First Aid HLTAID003. We do this because we believe that you need to understand the basic concepts behind first aid. This does not mean that we won't accept your registration if you do not have a first aid certificate, we will just require you to complete some additional online or workbook components to get you up to speed.

Our advanced first aid has been developed by an ambulance paramedic and is instructed by ex ambulance personnel so that you not only have interesting and relevant content but your practical session will be conducted by experienced and professional pre hospital care staff that have a wealth of on the job experience.

This is a 2 day practical course with an online component that must be completed prior to attending the training days.

We utilise many scenarios to allow you to demonstrate your competency in the practical aspects of advanced first aid and debrief each session. Scenarios are contextualised to bring some realism to an in class course. We start simply and then build up your skills to allow for better retention and understanding. By the final scenarios on the second day, you should have the confidence to be able to deal with the first aid situations that you are given.

Our Advanced first aid course will test you but we will also coach you through the difficult areas. You will not walk out being a paramedic but you will be more confident, you will know when to use oxygen equipment and all the safety factors surrounding it. You will be able to look after a patient with a suspected spinal injury and give a handover to ambulance personnel that will make you look like a pro. The best part is that you will be confident and be able to take control of a first aid incident.

Please click here for the Provide First Aid HLTAID006 course content .


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