Emergency First Aid
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Do You Want To Be Confident?

Like Grant Denyer on Family Feud, we surveyed 9168 of our students in a 12 month period.

  • 38% stated that they were nervous before doing a first aid course
  • 33.85% didn't know what to expect
  • 16.6% stated that they were scared to do a course; they didn't want to be singled out or embarrassed

All the people that we spoke to regarding the survey weren't too bothered by doing the online program or workbook; it was the practical day they were worried about.

We then looked at why this is the case.

Quite a few stated that they had bad experiences in the past and had felt like there was a pressure from the trainer to perform in front of others. This was an interesting development so we have advised our trainers that many people are going to be nervous when they come into their class. We advised to make the training as comfortable and relaxed as possible and while they must assess the students competency, they should do this in a non confrontational manner and coach those that are a little unwilling to get stuck into bashing on the chest of a manikin and assist those that are self conscious and nervous.

It may be comforting to know that after completing our courses

  • 99.41% of students answered that they would recommend our courses to others
  • 99.70% of students stated that they were now confident to apply first aid

These figures obviously include those nervous Nevilles' and Nellie's' so we must be doing something right to help reduce the fears that people face.

Here's a secret for you. I have been an ambulance paramedic for nearly 20 years but before that I was a general Joe just wanting to do a first aid course for interest's sake. I was so nervous that I didn't want to talk to anyone; I just wanted to sit in the background, avoid eye contact and certainly not be singled out. What happened? I was the first person to be asked to introduce myself and tell a little bit about why I was there. Horrific!

So I know what you are going through. Some of you reading this will think that this is all well and good knowing that you don't have an issue with this. That's great, get stuck into the day and have fun. For the others that are nervous or scared, we understand and we will do everything possible to make your experience a good one.

You do have to demonstrate your competency in CPR on a manikin but not on your own in front of everyone, there will be a few people doing this at the same time so you will be a blur in the crowd for the others. The only person really concentrating on what you are doing will be the trainer and they are certainly never going to stop the whole class and shout "you are doing it wrong" and make an example of you. This is adult education and you will be treated as such, in a courteous and respectful manner, as we would expect you to treat any patient that you would have to look after.

I suppose the main reason for writing this is just to advise that we have taken into account that everyone is different and some may have their issues with attending a training day. We have looked at how we can help those people through the session in a painless way. We have even developed a one on one training method for those that just cannot or will not attend a class but still want to do a course. We want to make you comfortable in the class because this also allows you to learn the content properly and be able to remember what to do in that time before an ambulance arrives. There is no point doing a first aid course and then not being able to assist when it matters. So my best advice is that we will do what we can to help but take a breath and go for it, you may surprise yourself.

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