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On Site Training

Anyone that has ever tried to coordinate their staff to attend a first aid course is pretty much a marvel!

How hard is it to get these people together? They have work commitments, projects, illnesses meetings, time restrictions...the list goes on.

We know and we have heard you. We have an enormous amount of corporate clients that rely on us to assist them to make their booking as painless as possible. It's not always plain sailing but we have vast experience in this area and we are here to help you.

After consultation with the corporate world we have found out a few points.

We have to make the training cost effective, employers and HR managers, training managers, first aid coordinators etc have told us they don't want 2 days of training. They need the training done as efficiently as possible with the least impact on the training budget and on staff productivity. They need training conducted by a trainer that isn't going to bore the staff and that is going to make the day as interesting as possible, because as they know, complaints will come to them first and they don't want to have to deal with irate staff. They want certificates emailed to them for the staff records and a record of when they are due for renewal. Some employers want various locations so that they can put staff into a location close to their home to reduce the perceived burden of having to attend training in the first place. They don't want us to teach their staff how to suck eggs. They want their staff acknowledged as having done first aid or CPR training in the past so they want these staff "coached" through the process rather than talked at. They want their staff to be confident in their abilities so that if they ever had to treat the co-ordinator, they would actually be of a help. The co-ordinator does not want to feel like they should run away if they have a first aid incident; they want confidence in their staff.

It is fine knowing all these important aspects, but the first aid coordinator needs to know that we can look after them. We have found that with the USI coming into effect things have become even more difficult. Some really proactive training managers have organised the staff USI because sometimes it is easier than relying on the staff to do it themselves. We can organise this aspect for the training manager to make life easier, but it still does take the cooperation of the staff.

We are not the absolute cheapest first aid training provider in Australia (not that we are close to the dearest either) but we are a Registered Training Organisation TOID:21703 which means that we are audited and accountable for our training under the watchful eye of ASQA. We will work with you to ensure your training is simple to book, that we turn up when we say we will and offer the best service you will find. Our trainers have been hand selected to ensure we have the best possible communicators with outstanding experience in the first aid field. We are a specialist first aid training organisation and have been since 1999. We have 13 venues in and around Melbourne and we do travel to all parts of Victoria and we are able to service our National clients.

We have no minimum number of students so we can offer a day rate for those smaller groups. We are available at short notice and have been called on many times to fill the void left by other training companies that have not been able to fulfill their training commitment.

We want you to try us as your provider; websites are all about trying to get a client to either buy products or services and promising big and sometimes delivering small. We will only promise what we can absolutely guarantee and that is to provide you with the best and most relevant training in the simplest way possible to enable you to meet your compliance requirements. We want you as a long term client so we will absolutely always deliver our first aid courses and after course service to the best of our abilities, and that's something you will like.

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