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Provide First Aid (Refresher)

We have 2 types of first aid refresher courses.

One Provide First Aid refresher course is for those people that have completed first aid before and their certificate has expired.

The other Provide First Aid refresher course is for those people that have completed a first aid course before and their certificate is still in date.

If you are out of date we need to gather knowledge evidence and practical evidence to show that you are competent in both areas, that way we can issue a statement of attainment.

If your certificate is still in date, you already have the current knowledge evidence so you just have to attend a practical session to demonstrate your practical competence.

Let me deal with the "out of daters" first.

Let me paint a picture. You have done first aid training on many occasions and quite frankly can CPR the chest off a manikin but you forgot to renew before the dang thing expired. We need to get you to do a 100 question; scenario based online or written assessment. It's not hard but it covers all aspects of the essential knowledge required to gain competency. Then you can attend our day session so you can show how you CPR the chest off that manikin and bandage the arm off some unsuspecting but willing participant or trainer. Well don't let the thing lapse again.

"In daters". If your certificate is in date, you can happily just attend a practical day session where you can demonstrate your ability to perform CPR, bandage someone, use an adrenaline auto injector, follow the AED prompts etc. If you would like some refresher knowledge too, then we can organise for you to complete the 100 online or workbook questions so that you have the peace of mind knowing that you are sufficiently up to date with all your essential first aid knowledge.

What is all this in date, out of date stuff I hear you ask. You may or may not know that a provide first aid statement of attainment has an expiry date. This statement is valid for 3 years, so knowing now that you don't have to do homework if you are still in date may be a small incentive to stay in date. Some of you will relish the chance to test your knowledge on our 100 question first aid refresher course online or workbook. As I mentioned previously, these questions are not hard and they follow a fairly logical order which takes you through the journey of a scenario. For instance question 1 in our workbook:

1) You see that your elderly neighbour has not collected his papers from his lawn for a few days so you decide to go and see if everything is ok. You are friends and he always tells you to come round the back of the house to get in. You call out as you enter but there is no response. You search the house and find the 78 yr old man in bed not moving. So you follow the DRSABCD Action Plan, you have looked for danger to yourself and find no safety issues. What is your next action?

  • A. Breathing
  • B. Compressions
  • C. Defibrillation
  • D. Response

Now if you answered anything but D. Response, perhaps enrol in our course fast because you have forgotten heaps! The next question runs on from that to say "How do you check the response of a patient?" or something similar and gives multiple choice answers. You get the picture, these are not difficult but they do tick the right boxes for assessment mapping and ensure that you have an idea of the theory behind the topic you are learning.

So if you need to refresh your first aid or CPR certificate, you can either book on this website or you can call us on 1300 30 11 93 and perhaps even get me on the phone if you are unlucky. Either way it's a good idea to keep this certificate current. We know that first aid and CPR are perishable skills so why not put yourself into one of our first aid refresher classes and be more confident in your abilities.

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